Siovone Bourgeois

Siovone Bourgeois

Registered Social Worker

siovonne bourgeois social worker

Navigating life can be difficult, especially when you’re in new territory. Feelings of depression or anxiety can spiral into more fears and doubts. Being a young adult brings all sorts of pressure, and most of us don’t get much education in how to make that transition. It’s common to cope by avoiding, using drugs or alcohol, or isolating. Fortunately, things can improve. Life may never be perfect, but you can learn new skills and effective ways of dealing with challenges. I work with teens and adults of all ages, and specialize in helping young adults and couples who want to feel more confident, accepted, and joyful in the world. I believe in evidence-based approaches that are shown to make a long-term difference in people’s lives. I offer therapies such as dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), EMDR, and for couples, the world-famous Gottman Method. Most importantly, we will work together to identify your goals and begin a plan to work towards them.
I know many people have gone to therapy in the past and still feel like they’re spinning their wheels. I can’t promise we’ll solve all of your problems, but those who are committed to working on themselves often tell me they have more certainty, confidence, and relief following therapy.

Availability: Currently taking new clients

Works with: Families/Individuals/Couples/16+
Bisexual Allied, Body Positivity, Gay Allied, Non-Binary Allied, Queer Allied

Language: English/French/Spanish