Husainat Bakare

Registered Psychotherapist

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Meet Husainat, a Registered Psychotherapist and Canadian Certified Counsellor. Husainat has a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and Mental Health and a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology. She specializes in areas of self-esteem, boundaries, relationships, addictions, and chronic and childhood trauma. Her therapy approach is grounded in anti-oppressive, intersectional, and culturally responsive principles, making her practice inclusive and welcoming to individuals from diverse backgrounds, including BIPOC, minority, and immigrant communities.


I am a compassionate, warm, empathetic, and dedicated psychotherapist who practices therapy from a trauma-informed, anti-oppressive, and culturally sensitive approach, creating a safe and inclusive space for healing and growth.

With a focus on building trust and rapport with my clients, combined with my extensive training and knowledge in the field of psychology, I specialize in helping individuals navigate complex relationship dynamics, resolve conflicts, and establish healthy boundaries. I also provide expert support for those struggling with chronic trauma, addictions, and substance use issues, and help individuals address self-esteem and confidence challenges, empowering them to embrace their true worth and live more fulfilling lives.

My deep understanding of trauma’s complexities informs my approach to providing compassionate support for clients on their healing journeys. I am committed to empowering individuals to explore and address underlying issues, fostering resilience and empowerment. I strongly believe in therapy’s transformative power to facilitate healing, drive positive change, and guide clients toward emotional well-being and personal growth, empowering them to lead more authentic and fulfilling lives.

As a Black psychotherapist, I prioritize addressing systemic oppression and its impact on mental health, advocating for social justice and equity in and outside the therapy room. My dedication to this cause is reflected in my ongoing involvement in activism and advocacy, aimed at destigmatizing mental health, raising awareness, improving education, and ensuring accessibility to mental health services for racialized and all communities. This commitment is an integral part of my continuing professional development.

Using a client-centered and integrative approach, I work collaboratively with my clients to help them process and cope with their experiences, heal, make meaningful changes for their future, develop strategies for overcoming obstacles, and build healthier, more fulfilling lives through therapy. I am devoted to supporting clients in achieving their goals, finding greater peace and fulfillment, and ensuring they feel safe, respected, and supported throughout their wellness journeys with me.

Availability: Accepting new clients
Works with: Teens (13+), Adults, Couples, Families
Language: English, Yoruba